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‘My Bookshelf’ – Your ObGFirst Bonus

With an ObGFirst subscription, you get free access to ‘My Bookshelf’ – a place for you to park your favorite entries for quick and easy future reference.

How Do I Use ‘My Bookshelf’?

Each entry in The ObG Project, including this one, features a ‘Save as favorite’ button  favorites-star at the top and bottom of the entry. All entries that you mark as favorites will appear in your personal Bookshelf.

What Else Do I Get With an ObGFirst Subscription?

  • Direct notifications of important guidelines by text and/or email (CDC, FDA, ACOG, SMFM, USPSTF, RCOG etc.)
  • A relevant research paper summarized daily
  • Includes one hour of CME every month
  • Prenatal second trimester ultrasound atlas
  • DNA@ObG: Genetic information for your patients
  • Download and Print entries