Introducing ObGFirst for Senior Residents (PGY-4s)

Thank you for your interest in ObGFirst.

First…A little bit about The ObG Project

With a passion for women’s health education, fellow ObGyns, with the aid of other healthcare professionals (e.g., genetic counselors), came together to create the ObG Project. Working with top programmers and designers, we have created an open access site that provides important clinical and research summaries, with the hope that these synopses will make our colleagues’ lives a little easier.

Well…Then What is ObGFirst?

While The ObG Project is a free site, our colleagues wanted a better way to find out when a new guideline has been released, preferably with a link to the new document. And so ObGFirst was born, new for 2019. ObGFirst is a premium subscription service. However, due to our shared enthusiasm for learning and appreciation for our dedicated residents, we are delighted to introduce our free PGY-4 ObGFirst program.

What’s Included?

  • Guideline Update notifications, Major Journal Review open access notifications, and brief clinical research summaries to your email and/or text (your choice), direct to your phone or computer
  • Our 2T Ultrasound Atlas
  • Added Bonus: You get ‘My Bookshelf’ – a personal page to save your favorite entries for easy access
  • Print and save entries with just the tap of an icon

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Fill out the form below, and The ObG Project will email you a coupon code and instructions/link to begin your subscription. Registration takes only a minute to complete.

Please note that we request the name of your residency program so we can make sure that this free offer is really used by this year’s senior residents. Not a senior resident? You can still try us out for free. Tap here to start your one-month free trial >>

Good luck and have a great year … you are close to the finish line and we can hardly wait to welcome you to a great specialty!

We make every effort to get back to you within 48 hours, if not sooner. If you don’t see an email from us ( with your coupon code, please check your junk mail. Still nothing? Please contact us via email, Facebook (@theobgproject) or Twitter (@TheObgProject) and we will get you up and running quickly.

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