What if we could finally design our own CME/CNE/CPE?

Our professional lives are complicated. Our CME shouldn't be.

  • No need to set aside an entire hour or more - Engage with an ObG Project entry and ‘earn as you learn’

  • Avoid the ‘last minute crunch’ - Subscribe now and easily collect your credits throughout 2018

  • Keep your expenses down – Take advantage of the 60% Introductory Discount that we are offering our colleagues

Access your certificates (Yes…on your phone!) in seconds

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Do I have to pay to be a member?

Our CME is affordable, with different levels of monthly subscriptions. And if you find that you want more or less CME than you signed up for, you can upgrade or downgrade (or even cancel)

How do I subscribe?

Simple! Click the ‘Join us at CME@ObG’ button. Then choose one of our plans. We offer several subscription levels, depending on how many CME hours you’d like to earn each month. If you need more credits than your subscription allows, you can upgrade, or just buy more on a one-time basis. And if you bought more than you can use, you can always downgrade your plan.

What if I don’t use all my credits this month?

No worries, they don’t expire! Your unused credits will roll over to the next month

If I cancel my subscription to the Continuing Education, do I keep my earned credits?

Yes, you keep your earned credits. Also, if you have paid for credits that you have yet used, you can still use them – even after the subscription expires. Credits never expire.

Which entries are eligible for CME?

Entries that qualify for CME are identified on our listing pages by CME/CNE/CPE badges, as well as by a ‘Take the Post-Test’ button within the entry

Can I access the CME and the certificates I earn on both my phone and my computer?

Yes! All aspects of the ObG Project, including Continuing Medical Education, are designed to be used on all your mobile devices, as well as your computer. You can view, print, or download your certificates anytime